Calcutta Club Courtyard

Project Brief

Design Details and philosophy : Calcutta Club is a social club located on Lower Circular Road in Kolkata, India. It was established in 1907 and the first president of the club was The Maharajah of Cooch Behar. Although still not the oldest club in the city, it is a notable property because it was formed at a time when the existing Bengal Club only admitted whites as members.

We were assigned to design a new outdoor lounge for the club called ‘The Courtyard’; the design was formalised around tropical design elements of landscape architecture. Plants were floated to turn a portion of the lawn that was a dump yard into a new-age hangout. The mood of the new extension is defined by a waterfall, lots of greenery and lounge chairs. The courtyard acts as a bridge between the different generations of members of the club. Space is divided using a tropical stepped waterfall leading to a pool of water with sitting spaces on both ends joined using a wooden walkway in the middle. The sound of water flowing in the pool calms the senses and the greenery all around soothes the eyes. The flowering plants add a scent in the air and the tasteful food comforts the taste buds.

Fact File
  • Area : 1 ACRE
  • Status : BUILT
  • Date of Completion : 2015