Chakdighi Resort

Project Brief

Chakdighi Resort Design Details and Philosophy: The site was the Singha Roy’s Bagan Bari. This Bagan Bari is the “Garden Retreat” of the Zamindars. The site is spread over an area of 15.538 Acres. These are made keeping the comfort of city dwellers in mind and yet not compromising what nature can offer. The site is blessed with a number of water bodies and greenery.

The site location is close to the social amenities like the school, hospital, Gram panchayat is an additional advantage to the development of a resort keeping the heritage and restoring the structure at the prime importance and developing a modern contrast to the scene, in sync with the design challenge. The project has been developed in three phases with the main intention to preserve the historical impact it has. It had been a famous palace constructed by the escendants of Rajputs in late 1790’s with temples and waterbodies across the site, it is a small microcosm in itself stirring memories at every instance. Eminent litterateur Salman Rushdie had set the plot of his famous bestseller Satanic Verses after seeing the BaithakKhana. Satyajit Ray had also shot his Ghare Baire in the famous Baithak Dalan.

The site has been restructured to create a historical zonearound the main heritage quadrangle. The hotel block is developed within this heritage zone with restaurants, café, banquet etc. The addition of villas, studio apartments facing towards the dighis, decks jutting over the waterbody allowing the observer to appreciate the vastness of the dighi had been the second phase of development. The idea was to develop a tropical character along the historic precinct. While the restoration of the heritage blocks, conserving old palaces and temples along the Badam Pukur had been the first phase.

The third phase was the development of the heritage precinct around the main block and Tubtubi Pukur. Adding villas and museum had been the later developments around the Andar Pukur and Antur Pukur.

Fact File
  • Area : 16 ACRES
  • Status : UNBUILT
  • Structural Consultant : POSEIDON ENGINEERING & SERVICES
  • Hospitality Consultants : CHANDRIMA CHATTERJEE
  • Client : AK GROUP