Bagjola Canal Front Development

Project Brief

Bagjola Canal Front Development Hospitality Architectural Design Details and Philosophy: The Bagjola Khal passes through the heart of the city with the sewage of the whole city to the artery of Kolkata, Hooghly. It was a very difficult challenge for the Irrigation Department of Kolkata and HIDCO to clean the heavy water.

The project is being dealt with an expansive outlook because it is marked as a heavy activity zone in-front of two proposed schools and colleges. In fact, the canal front is born out of the foundations laid by such architectural pieces.

The footpath follows the direction of the road but is separated by a thick hedge. On one hand, you have the roar of the traffic and on the other, you have the secure and charming footpath commanding a pleasant view over the edge. The spotting of the trees not only shades the walkway but also creates an undulating border line with the hedge level, the barrier serves to disengage the two functions. The edges are embanked with concrete but not fenced for creating a personalized effect on the mind of the passerby which is sometimes interrupted by the sequence of spaces created by different forms and decks. They create nodes of activities by breaking the monotony. The tapering end of the long elongated canopy casts an equally embracing large shadow providing a comfortable space underneath to be utilized.

Fact File
  • Location : BAGJOLA CANAL
  • Area : 1 ACRE
  • Status : BEING BUILT
  • Structural Consultant : POSEIDON ENGINEERING & SERVICE
  • Landscape Consultants : INSCAPE DESIGN STUDIO
  • Client : WBHIDCO