I AM - An Art Intervention Project

THE EVENT The event was held in Pune - ‘The Queen of Deccan‘ and was organized by A&I Digest and curated by IGA (Indranil Garai & Associates). The dates for the ‘I AM‘ exhibition and event were 25th - 27th March 2022 in Pune as part of the A & I Annual Exhibition 2022, at the Kodre Farm Hall and Lawns. ART CONCEPT The main concept of the art encapsulates the idea of duality exhibited by human mind. This art object showcases the juxtaposition between color and non-color celebrating the coexistence of black and colorful, the dichotomy within the human brain. . The human brain gives an artist the power to create art and the spectator to understand the expression of art, thus shaping the expression - “Artist‘s Identity“. An architect utilizes his analytical side of his/her brain to understand the problems faced in the society, while employing creative space of his/her brain to find a solution to the problems . The sculpture pays a tribute to the architect‘s brain -his/her identity. The duality vis an expression of the often inherited paradox of nature as well as the way to see the other “unexplored aspect“ of any situation. The mosaic of colors creates the entire phenomenon of graphic expression of collage of multiple ideas.