Since our inception in the year of 2005, ASAUDP has constantly tried to transcend beyond the boundaries of traditional disciplines in reaching new boundaries. Our office maps the sensorial intuitive design process with the analytical aspects of the design. We delve into the services, structures, and scale of the building design and at the same time, respect the micro-level aspects like the tone, colour, and texture of the design. Here, the sensoriality, proportion and the scale inside a project has been the key-guiding factor in the development of the concepts we produce.


Even though ASAUDP views that every design is different, there is a contextual and regional underlying thought which is always carried out throughout the process. Our practice deals with architectural indulgence while expanding to the boundaries of contextuality, sensorial journey, and local language. Balancing research, on one hand, helps us to delve into the program to find a new perspective simultaneously search and transform the existing Orthodox Architecture present in the region.

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Ayan has principally articulated himself in two languages – one of a contemporized colonial design which is inspired from both India’s colonial past and her current awareness of her place in the world. The second language explores contemporary tropical expressions in an amalgamation with the local context, be it Calcutta or any other Indian metropolis. The projects, which are architectural expressions as a product of the context and these design languages, explore these at some length.

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Ayan Sen Architects Urban Designers & Planners (ASAUDP) was set up by Ayan Sen with himself as the lead Principal Architect, Urban Designer & Planner in the year 2005. Ayan’s professional experience started after his graduation from the School of Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad in 1997. Post his initial professional training, he worked in cutting edge Indian practices at Ahmedabad and New Delhi and in stellar urban design and architecture firms in Washington DC and Pittsburgh, USA.

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  • Aug

    ASAUDP won the competition of Community Hall at New Town.

  • Sep

    Ar. Ayan Sen presenting a paper in Seoul at the UIA 2017 Seoul World Architects Congress along with other prestigious architects across the world.


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